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March 1, 2006
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Sparrow by Omgtinybees Sparrow by Omgtinybees
I don't want you asking anymore if you can use this bird because I realize it's going to be stolen anyway. If you do take it, please show me the end result and go to a real artist to get it done. As a tattooist I hate seeing these horrible recreations of my work. I don't post my work online solely because of this bird and the bad reproductions etched into peoples skin. Research your artist just as much if not more than you researched the tattoo design you want.

Good tattoos aren't cheap and cheap tattoos aren't good.

You wouldn't want a half assed surgeon, and you don't want a half assed skin alteration.
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I got this as a tattoo, and I adore it, thank you. I got it in memory of my fiancÚ, his handwriting saying 'I love you' beneath it, on my wrist, and it honestly saved my life. I will send you a picture as soon as I can, I just came across this and wanted to thank you.
I got this last year, I'm from Australia and hadn't seen it before but now I've read alot of your comments I didn't realise it was so well known and its on every second person. little bit disappointed now as I like having unique and individual tattoos. Dont get me wrong I still love the design and love the way it looks but wish I had found it on deviant art first so I knew how common it was. think I need to find a way to make it a bit more personalised for me. I will put it on my profile if you would like to see it.

Hey, I saw this on pinterest the other day and remembered it from your gallery. It took me to the above link.
Dramababy02 Mar 22, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer

I had no idea this was from deviant art when I found it on Google on some persons tumblr. But when I typed in sparrow in deviant art this came up. So this is your design with a splash of color.

Also I put a link to your page with the picture.
That's an immaculate design, the shading is almost painfully good, the curves are beautifully smooth and it has so much character :-)
I took this bird to be tattoo'd, and the artist refused saying too many people have asked for it. Instead, he made his own drawing which turned out much better anyway.

A good artist won't tattoo this on you for the sheer fact that its been done too much. A good artist won't want their name associated with this.
Amazing work!
anikillerqueen69 Jan 12, 2012   General Artist
Wow! I didn't know this was your design! I found it on the internet randomly and been thinking for about a year to get it done on my wrist!! :)
I'm so glad I know now it's yours! I will definitely get it done then upload the picture and ofcourse give credits now that I know it's yours!
I agree with you, I want it ABSOLUTELY to look the same! I dont want to change a thing!!!

Love it! :)
moogle301 Nov 14, 2011
Thank you for saying I could use it (about two years ago, you were surprised that I took the time to write a long message to your myspace (I've now deleted said myspace account sadly) and so were happier than the many other people asking. =]

I haven't gotten it done yet because I may only ever get one tattoo and I want it to be perfect and to be sure! I agree with what you said, I have seen bad versions of your beautiful design and it makes me sad.

I may get it when I visit my cousins in America since they have tattoos and none of my family here in the UK has one. It will be linked to the memory of this nice visit.

I guess I have the worry that your tattoo comes up when you google image 'sparrow tattoo' or even 'dove tattoo' (oddly) so perhaps I'll later it slightly so it is unique. I wouldn't want to find lots of other people with it! (So maybe it is good to do it abroad away from where I live because do tattoo artists sometimes keep designs to do on others?).

That's all! =] xx
ed hardy...
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